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Welcome to Amazology™, a unique and powerful line of advanced men's skincare and grooming solutions, whose natural and certified organic ingredients are responsibly sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. Amazology™ products are formulated using the Rainforest's most powerful and effective oils, butters, clays and extracts, which are blended with other select natural ingredients to create powerful solutions expressly for men. Amazology™ products are free of harmful parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes, and are animal cruelty-free - good for the earth, good for the mind, good for your body. Amazology™ is rapidly becoming the top choice for skin, shave, body, and hair products among discriminate men. We also retain a resounding commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. A percentage of our annual profit is donated to causes which support the conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon Biome. Explore. Discover. Experience. Amazology™