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Anti-Aging Set - (AMZ)

DEFENDER Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer w/Murumuru Butter & Guaraná Powder Extract

Produce a younger, revitalized look with our Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer. Rich and creamy Murumuru Butter dives deep to help skin drink in its powerful humectants while Guaraná Powder extract works in tandem to supply further nourishment to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aloe Leaf Juice and Shea Butter help soothe irritation caused by breakouts, shaving, and sun exposure while sealing in moisture. Complexion is improved by Oak Bark, Watermelon, Ginseng, Lentil, and Apple extracts. Daily use of this moisturizer will reduce signs of aging and give your skin naturally improved tone, as well as the subtle essence of a clean, fresh aroma.

Rainforest Powered:

Murumuru Butter: Highly emollient with high concentration of olecic acid and infuses skin with intense moisture and protectant.
Guaraná Powder Extract: Antioxidants replenish health and hydration while combating appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RECLAIM Anti-Aging Eye Repair w/Açaí Oil, Murumuru Butter & Guaraná Powder Extract

Help restore skin tone and firmness around your eyes with our powerful Anti-Aging Eye Repair Gel. Açaí Oil and Guaraná Powder Extract help resist damage caused by free radicals, and assist in eliminating the appearance of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. Murumuru Butter uses its creamy, moisturizing composition to hydrate and improve skin elasticity.

Add in a potent mixture of Aloe Leaf Juice, Green Tea Leaf, Cucumber Seed, Ginger and Coffee Seed Extracts, Red Algae Extract and Caffeine which all work in sync to help you achieve a youthful and revitalized look. Daily use of this product will reduce signs of aging.

Rainforest Powered:

Açaí Oil: High concentration of antioxidants and essential fatty acids help revitalize and moisturize the skin.
Murumuru Butter: Restores elasticity and permeates the skins surface with deep hydration.
Guaraná Powder Extract: Hydrates skin while using antioxidants to remove damaging free radicals.



*No harmful sulfates, parabens or artificial dyes. Never tested on animals. 

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