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Açaí oil is derived from the acai berry grown on a beautiful Amazonian palm tree, predominant on the riverbanks in the Brazilian state of Para. Açaí has one of the highest antioxidant concentrations of any fruit and is high in essential fatty acids. Benefits include; revitalizing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties.




Murumuru butter is derived from the seeds of a nut which grows on a short thorny palm tree found primarily in the Amazon Rainforest lowlands where nutrients are abundant. It is highly emollient with a significant concentration of beneficial oleic acid. Benefits include; rich skin and hair moisturizer, protector.




Andiroba oil is derived from a tall tree with plank roots whose seeds are washed ashore on Amazonian riverbanks. It is a highly effective medicinal oil, rich in olein, linoleic and stearic acids. Benefits include; strengthening, moisturizing and anti-inflamatory properties.




Cupuaçu is found in the Brazilian Amazon region. Its white pulp and seeds are cold pressed to be transformed into a soft and moisturizing butter. Benefits include: long lasting moisturizing activity (clinically tested), water absorption capacity which allows recovery of skin elasticity and combats cell degeneration.




One of the tallest trees in the Amazon Rainforest, it grows as high as 164 feet with a large crown of long branches. The fruit is heavy with a woody shell. Benefits include; skin moisturizing activity (clinically tested), seals in and forms a protective film on the skin that reduces water loss.




Guarana is one of Brazil’s most famous native fruits commonly found in the Amazon basin which is high in antioxidants. Benefits include; hydrating, anti-aging properties, combats damaging free radicals.




A robust palm tree that is found in the wet tropical forests of the Amazon yield the Buriti fruit whose pulp is rich in Provitamin A and carotenoids. Benefits include; anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties, protection against sun damage.




Passion fruit or “Maracujá” as it is known locally in Brazil, is a warm-weather vine with beautiful blossoms. It is rich in mega 6, an emollient agent. Benefits include; moisturizing, promotes healthy hair growth.




Native to the wetlands and lowlands of the Amazonian region, the Ucuúba tree grows to a height of 25 to 35 meters. Its fruit yields seeds which are an emollient agent. Benefits include; moisturizing, restoration to damaged hair and combats scalp irritation.



exfoliating agent

This natural clay is collected from the Marajo shore, at the base of the Amazon River. Due to its geographical location, it is rich in organic particles, forest nutrients and has a mineral composition extremely well suited for facial cleansers. It has a great capacity of enhancing the sensory profile of emulsions and its pH is very similar to the skin. Benefits include; rich in nutrients, promotes a cooling sensation, a light exfoliating agent.


Giving Back

Amazon Fund

The Amazon Fund is aimed at raising donations for non-reimbursable investments in efforts to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation, as well as to promote the preservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon Biome. Amazology is committed to upholding the mission of the Amazon Fund. To learn more about the Amazon Fund and how your support of Amazology benefits the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, please visit our Giving Back page.


Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

Amazology is a proud member of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce Inc., an independent, not-for-profit business membership organization whose mission is to promote trade and investment flows between Brazil and the United States and, forge closer ties between the business communities of both nations.