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Before you commit to a certain grooming routine, it’s best to check your knowledge of men’s skin and hair care. It’s possible that you’ve heard and believed one of the many myths - and abiding by them may actually do more harm than good. Read our list of Top 5 Men’s Skincare Myths to get up to speed.

1. Shave against the grain.

Many men think that the only way to get a truly close shave is to go against the direction the hair actually grows. This leads to redness, irritation, and almost always causes painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. If you use a quality razor and shaving cream, you can get a perfectly close shave while going with the grain. This will vastly reduce your chances of razor burn and other painful side effects. Shaving with the grain can be a delicate process. Often, the hair on men’s faces and necks can grow in different directions, so you’ll need to pay close attention in order to know when you should change your blade’s orientation.

2. The foamier the shaving cream, the better.

Foam isn’t the marker of quality in a shaving cream, rather, it’s the level of moisturization provided. Many ultra-foamy shaving creams are devoid of the hydrating ingredients that help you get a close, knick-free shave. Look for creamy shaving formulas that contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients, like nut butters and oils, and vitamin E.

3. Because men have more oily skin, they don’t need to moisturize.

While it’s true that men tend to have more oily skin than women, this doesn’t mean you should forego moisturizing. In fact, drying your skin out can lead to higher levels of oil production. If your skin is dehydrated, the oil glands will respond to the demand for moisture by creating more sebum. If you keep your skin quenched daily with a quality moisturizer, the oil glands won’t detect a need for more oil.

4. Acne is caused by a bad diet, so skin care products won’t help.

Men typically get more acne than women because male hormones called androgens (testosterone is one of them) can spark acne breakouts. Your acne problems have a lot more to do with your hormonal cycles than what you eat. You should of course stick to a healthy diet so that your body is in a better condition for maintaining hormonal balance, but the best way to manage acne is with skincare products that cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

5. Aftershaves with alcohol provide the best protection against infection.

Many aftershaves contain alcohol, which can remove germs around cuts, as well as dirt and oil. But alcohol can also dry and irritate the skin. Certain natural oils can replace the role of alcohol, by preventing the growth of bacteria in exposed pores. Again, use a moisturizing balm with soothing ingredients to quell irritation and properly hydrate skin after shaving.

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