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Differences In Men’s Skin And Skincare Needs

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Few men realize that male and female skin each have their unique compositions and structures requiring different types of skincare treatment. Using the same products used by women just won’t cut it if men genuinely want to improve the condition of their skin and help maintain its long-term health.

"Men’s skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s due to higher levels of male hormones known as androgens, and collagen which provides elasticity."

Men’s skin texture is also tougher than women’s. As males go through puberty, their raised androgen levels spur more frequent secretions of sebum, an oily, waxy substance that helps to keep skin hydrated, but is often infected with the bacteria that causes acne. Due to frequent shaving, most men have facial skin that's also more sensitive than women's. Considering the potentially harmful effects of numerous artificial agents in cheap, foaming shaving creams and alcohol drying after-shaves, coupled with men’s historical reluctance to regularly moisturize, it’s no surprise that long-term skin problems often accelerate as men age.

“Men lose about 1% of their skin collagen per year after they turn 30, which is a far less loss rate than women.”

So one would reasonably ask, “Then why don’t men appear to age less than women?” The answer - traditionally, women have been much more diligent in their skincare regimens than men. However, dermatologists are now reporting that a growing number of adult males are seeking advice on how to keep their skin healthy and look younger.

So what’s a real man to do? Cleanse, hydrate and protect! A good daily cleanse with a moisturizing facial cleanser will rid your face of dirt, oils and dead skin cells, while avoiding over-dryness. A light moisturizing cream with antioxidants which seals in hydration while fighting damaging free radical causing wrinkles is a follow up must. Finally, use a good sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher if you plan to be in the sun for any extensive period of time.  

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