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4 Ways to Get Rid of Dark, Under-Eye Circles

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Multiple nights spent tossing and turning, a week full of late nights at work and forcing yourself to go to that 5 A.M. gym session can make getting up in the morning a less than pleasant experience. As if all these contributing factors weren’t enough, looking into the mirror upon waking up – and seeing two dark, under-eye circles – is enough to put a damper on even the cheeriest morning person’s day. Genetics, allergies, sun exposure and age all play a role in bringing on these pesky eye bags, but fortunately, there are a few ways to get rid of the seemingly inevitable dark patches.

1. Use a cool compress.

As good as it feels, steaming, hot water makes the dark circles under your eyes even worse. This is because the increased temperature further dilates and discolors the under-eye blood vessels that contribute to the circles’ darkened appearance, and increases the amount of puffiness found underneath. Use a cool compress – like a bag of frozen peas or a soft cloth soaked in cool water – or simply wash your face with cold water to reduce the darkened appearance. And if you’re a fan of taking long, hot showers, limit your time to 10 minutes only, using cold water instead.

2. Apply anti-aging gel.

Aging actually depletes volume underneath the eyes, which ends up appearing as deep, indented shadows. The reason? The older we get, the thinner the skin on our face becomes. This new, thin skin produces a discoloration underneath the eyes. In those people who have pale skin, aging has an even more apparent effect because of their superficial blood vessels, giving the dark under-eye circle a red and purple hue. Since we can’t physically go back in time, the next best thing to reverse our age’s effect on those annoying dark eye circles comes in the form of an anti-aging eye repair gel. Applying such a gel around and underneath your eyes helps to restore skin tone and firmness, thanks to beneficial ingredients included in those types of products. Açaí oil and guaraná powder extract help resist damage and assist in eliminating the appearance of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes, while murumuru butter hydrates and improves skin elasticity.

3.Try allergy medication.

Allergy season can be pretty relentless in terms of a runny nose, congested sinuses and a sore throat – but our eyes can fall victim, too. When a person rubs their eyes upon experiencing itchiness or tingling during a mild to severe allergy attack, thickening and darkening can occur underneath, forming darkened circles. For this reason, taking a recommended dose of allergy medication – even if it’s over-the-counter – can help alleviate or get rid of symptoms altogether, giving your eyes some much needed relief. Once you stop itching, the dark circles will lessen or disappear altogether.

4.Use sunscreen daily.

It’s apparent that overexposure to sunlight can lead to bad burns and other health risks, but the damage it does to your face in particular goes far beyond a red appearance. The strong ultraviolet rays can make the skin around – and underneath – your eyes sag and wrinkle. The sun’s melanin levels can also bring melanin, or pigment, to the skin’s surface, darkening the under-eye area even more. Applying sunscreen to your face every single day, even when you’re not laying out poolside, can significantly decrease the appearance of dark under-eye circles. If you’re a fan of tanning beds, nixing out on those altogether is a good idea, too. 

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