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4 Habits of Men Who Beat Dry Skin

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Sure, a man’s style, taste in clothing and grooming routines all vary from person to person – but one universal thing a majority of men can agree on in regards to their daily maintenance and upkeep process is their desire for a smooth, clear and hydrated complexion. While more inevitable factors can lead to dry skin, like the exposure to sun, wind and the cold weather, there are a few key practices a man can follow if he wants to keep his skin feeling moisturized and fresh. Getting into these four habits will guarantee a smooth and moisturized complexion, and allow for an avoidance of dry skin altogether.

1.They skip out on the hot water.

Sorry in advance to all the men who love taking their sweet time in the steamy, hot shower, but the more time spent inside it, the faster your skin dries out. Even though it might feel like your skin is benefiting from the super warm temperature, it’s actually detrimental to its health. The high temperature, combined with the evaporation of water off of the skin, causes the skin to become dry – and hot water strips oil from the skin at a faster rate. Limiting your shower time to a maximum of 10 minutes is the safest for your skin. In addition, opt for lukewarm to warm water instead of a higher temperature

2.They moisturize smartly.

Skin is the body’s first line of protection, acting as the barrier between our bodies and outside particles, such as dirt and bacteria. As much as this is a good thing, its role as a barrier also means skin is more susceptible to becoming damaged. For this reason, moisturizing is key to maintaining healthy skin. To be the most effective, make moisturizing with a solid hand and body lotion a habit after showering or taking a bath. Because your pores are wide open from the warm water, the moisturizer will better absorb and last for a longer period of time. However, you should wait about 15-20 minutes after showering to apply moisturizer. This will allow the body’s natural oils to return to your skin first before applying any additional oils or hydrators.

3.They don’t roast in the sun.

When skin is overly exposed to sunlight, sun damage can occur – one of the main causes of wrinkles, roughness and dryness in the skin. If you plan to be outdoors for any extended period, wearing sunscreen is a great way to avoid the negative effects too much sunlight can bring on. 

4.They are mindful while shaving.

It might be easier to shave in the shower with a little bit of body wash, but men who use shaving cream to get the job done can reap all of the product’s benefits – from a creamier lather to a lot less irritation (goodbye, razor burn!). Shaving cream also prevents your skin from becoming dry, because it opens up pores and exfoliates the skin naturally – especially when it contains natural healing and anti-inflammatory oils. Another mindful practice to take part in comes after you finish shaving, and in the form of applying a soothing after-shave balm. Finishing every shave with such a skin treatment and should include a significant base of natural ingredients that are helpful to your skin, like honey, shea butter, andiroba and buriti oils.

It might take a handful of weeks to form a habit, but when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, smooth and moisturized, any amount of time and effort invested is worth it.

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