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10 Ways to Revitalize Your Hair

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Young or old, man or woman, a healthy mane is a timeless symbol of well-being and vitality. Unfortunately, that also means dry and damaged hair will make anyone appear much older than their actual age. If your locks are no longer one of your most visible assets, don’t despair. Adding a few simple tips into your daily routine will have your hair feeling fuller, looking healthy and more appealing again in no time. 

1. Don’t Scrub Your Noggin

You’re washing your hair, fellas, not removing bird droppings from the hood of your car. Not only should you shampoo judiciously, but it’s also important to gently massage the scalp instead of abrasively scrubbing the head. Healthy hair begins at the scalp, so take extra precaution to avoid damaging roots or stripping essential oils from the shaft.

2. Choose Shampoos Wisely

Not all shampoos are alike. In fact, many, particularly those containing harmful sulfates, can be oil-robbing irritants that leave your hair feeling dry, limp and brittle. A best-in-class shampoo serves two important functions - cleansing and nourishing your hair and scalp simultaneously. Amazology’s Natural REIGN Shampoo, for instance, is an ideal formulation of sulfate-free ingredients with certified organic oils and extracts that promote thicker and healthier hair.

3. Limit Exposure to Heat

Whether the target is skin, hair or a fresh coat of paint, heat of all sources eliminates moisture. Avoid excessive exposure to damaging sunrays, donning a hat whenever possible. And, more importantly, use towels instead of blow dryers following a shower. Even better, delicately pat dry your head to avoid the friction that damages strands.

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4. Condition Regularly

Most men would benefit from tweaking their current hair care regimen, scaling back on their shampooing while conditioning more frequently. While washing too often strips away beneficial oils, the right conditioner acts as a humectant, restoring elasticity and hydration to hair follicles. Amazology’s DRENCH Revitalizing Conditioner sources the finest natural ingredients, like Argan Oil and Murumuru Butter, for nurturing follicles and moisturizing hair.

5. Use Caution When Wet

Looking for smoother, silkier hair fit for the fingers of your significant other? Avoid drying and styling your hair immediately after a shower. Water weakens the bonds within hair strands, increasing the likelihood of breakage. If patience can be practiced, allow your hair to air dry as much as possible before putting a brush or comb through it.

6. Breathe In, Breathe Out … Repeat

Stress and hair problems, from graying to falling out, have long been colloquially linked. But the relationship is no superstition born from the mind of a storyteller. It’s real. And it can be devastating if not properly controlled. Persistently high anxiety levels trigger the release of hormones that tighten the scalp and disrupt hair growth, so carve out time daily to relax in silence, breathe deeply and escape the triggers causing stress.

7. Break a Sweat, Benefit the Scalp

While the boundless benefits of exercise are well-known, few recognize how important it can be for a thick head of hair. Aerobic workouts accelerate blood flow, which in turn supply more nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair roots. Additionally, sweating literally flushes waste from the pores, unclogging them to create the right environment for robust hair growth.

8. Hydrate Liberally 

Want the follicular bennies of vigorous exercise, even when you don’t have the time to hit the gym? Be sure to drink enough clean, fresh water, eight 12-ounce glasses for most guys. Hydration is essential for every inch of the body, including hair. Not unlike a trail run or laps in the pool, hydration ensures that blood circulates effectively and toxins are cleansed from the inside out.

9. Feed Follicles 

If you’re serious about improving your hair game, know that proper nutrition is a non-negotiable step in the process. Eating right—or wrong—impacts every area of your body, including your scalp. Supplement if necessary, but first seek out wholesome foods rich in biotin, zinc, iron and vitamins A and C. Think eggs, lean meat and raw vegetables, preferably organically grown.

10. Sleep with Satin 

Okay, so there’s a diva connotation to silky-soft satin sheets and pillowcases. Deal with it. Considering you’re spending as much as one-third of your life on a mattress, it makes sense to cover your pillow with a fabric that causes the least amount of friction. Generic cotton sheets are more abrasive, particularly for restless sleepers, which leads to breakage and split ends.

Bad hair can spoil an otherwise great presentation, both personally and professionally. Don’t trust your top floor to average hair care products. Protect it daily with the finest natural ingredients found in Amazology’s REIGN Shampoo and DRENCH Conditioner.

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