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The Complete Gentleman's Shaving Guide

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A common misconception among men is that some men just naturally have the clean cut look. This couldn't be more far from the truth. While some men loathe the chore of shaving, some men actually love to shave. A lot of men hate shaving because it can cause skin issues such as razor burn, dry and itchy skin, ingrown hairs and cuts. We love to shave and we want you to enjoy it too so we've compiled a men's shaving guide to ensure a pleasurable and clean cut every time. 

High-Quality Shaving Cream

The shaving cream you choose can be the difference between a precise and comfortable shave and a rough and mediocre one. You've probably walked into the shaving isle at the drug store baffled at the variety of options. It's important to know that many brands, no matter the price will advertise high-quality ingredients, but in reality produce terrible results. Many of these brands contain synthetic chemicals that may seem like it will provide a clean shave - until you actually start shaving. These brands provide little to no protective barrier on your skin and will result in razor burn and irritation.

To minimize razor burn and irritation, consider shaving cream containing natural ingredients. Just like how your body reacts terribly to synthetic ingredients in food, your face reacts the same way to artificial chemicals in shaving cream. 


Before you begin shaving, make sure your razor is top-notch. There are 3 different types of blades: straight razors, cartridge razors and safety razors. While cartridge razors are the most convenient, and straight razors provide the cleanest shave, we recommend safety razors. They are the happy medium between the two and are the most commonly used.

Another precaution to take is the pre-shave. Run warm water over your face to soften up your hair and open up the follicles. Get a high-quality face cleanser and exfoliate your face. To many men, exfoliation seems like a feminine chore and therefore unnecessary. This is a big misconception. Exfoliation is important as it removes all the dirt and dead skin from your face leaving less friction for a cleaner and better shave.

The Shave

Now apply your shaving cream and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Leaving the cream in in vital because you skin needs time to soak in the natural ingredients and prepare for the shave. Begin shaving along the grain of your face with short and slow strokes. Long and fast strokes will cause your hair to rip out and cause irritation. To keep a close shave with every stroke, make sure to rinse your blade every 3-4 strokes to ensure it's clean of skin and hair. 

After Shave

Once you've finished shaving, pat a dry off your skin and check for any irritation or redness. Now, to complete your shaving routine, finish your face off with a natural after shave. Stay away from after shave products that advertise a "cooling effect" as these products contain alcohol which can cause serious harm to your skin.

Follow this guide to a tee and you will never have to worry about a bad shave again. If you have any questions or concerns about your shaving routine please let us know on our Facebook page.

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